¡WE DID IT! We raised the funds for the construction.

To see the whole process and the result, watch this video:



Quarantine in Argentina has been ongoing for more than 200 days.
Many of the children that participate of our programs have not left their homes in 6 months…

We need to open our doors in order to…

Enjoy meeting with each other.
Offer a quality educational space, filled with joy and harmony.

Implementing an appropriate protocol for COVID-19


For that we need:

– To improve access

– Sanitizing reception

– Cleaning and hygiene spaces

– 6 bathrooms + 1 bathroom for the disabled


If you want to help, you can choose to donate any of the following amounts,

or click “Other” and enter the amount yourself:



















You can also donate materials for the construction.

You can check the list of what we need HERE:


In case you want to donate by transferring through the bank, this is the information. You can send us the information of your donation to:

Titular: Centro de Servicios para el Desarrollo Local
Número cuenta: Cta. Cte. en pesos 445/0.
Sucursal: 193
CUIT: 30-70971283-3
CBU: 0170193320000000044505

¡Thank you for collaborating!


Fundación Manos del Sur
Cristian May- Industrias Saladillo
Grupo de Acción Social de Santa Bárbara
Donante anónimo – Círculo de Amigos
Donante anónimo
Amy Abreu-Landi
Federico Albrecht
Susana Alvarez Vitale
Daniel Amato
Mariana Anselmi
Luis Aragón
Sandra Barragat
Gala Barrial
Rafael Bullrich
Bernies Class
Cecilia Cortina
Jimena Delfino
Mechi Durrieu
Rodrigo Fernández
Azucena Gorbarán
Jimena Hails
Wenceslao Halliburton
German Hornstein
Raúl Lacaze
Alejandro Lastra
Lim Family
Gisela Lowenstein
Juliana Maiz
Luciana Mattioli
Rosalia Mogro
Florencia Moni
María Moreno Cordeu
Germán w Muller
Alejandro Noceti Achaval (Dolores Castelli)
Fernando Notinger
Elsa Panichi
Lucila Pena
Cecilia Pesce
Veronica Picchetti
Paula Powell-Ryan
Andrés Rojo
Carlos Rosso
Mauricio & Rosario Sanchez
Pablo Saud
Martina SM
Carlos Stella
Olivia de Tezanos Pinto
Ilaria Valenzuela
Norma Vergara
Brigitte Von der Fech
Michel Willard
Hornstein Zuain