Las Tunas NGO’s Youth Orchestra is a space for educational and social transformation

Through musical study it stimulates the development of confidence in one’s own abilities, the value of effort, discipline and prepares children and young adults in values ​​and citizenship.


Of those who participated in the orchestra are undergoing or have finished their secondary studies


Study and/or work

As part of the orchestra, children and young musicians display conditions for leadership, aptitude for commitment, self-esteem, security and self-confidence. And they learn to combine individual development with a collective goal.

Each musician attends different stimuli weekly:

  • instrument class
  • musical language class
  • orchestra, chamber and line rehearsals

The instruments that comprise the orchestra are: violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, transverse flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone, and percussion.

Apart from learning about music, culture and how to play an instrument, each of them transformed their lives and that is the best result.

Las Tunas NGO’s Youth Orchestra began in April 2009

198 children and young people participated, with an average permanence of 3.6 years

Today it is composed of 57 musicians between 8 and 27 years old

The average age is 19 years old

It has a musical director and the guidance of more than 10 professors

It has performed in: Clarín Space, Mar del Plata; Auditorium of La Nación Newspaper; Esnaola Conservatory - for the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation; Roche Children's Walk; La Cova Theater; Tortugas Open Mall; San Isidro Cathedral; LA Abadía Center for Latin American Studies; Banco de Galicia; Cancillería – Foro Ecuménico Social; and various schools

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