20 years forming freer people

We have been offering quality educational programs for 20 years, to form freer people, who can develop their abilities and develop their own powerful life projects.

During these 20 years

  • More than 10,000 people, including children, youth and families, participated in some of our activities.
  • 500 people attended programs that contributed to the development of more options for their lives.
  • We offered more than 30 programs and actions with a comprehensive approach.

We had the privilege of seeing many children grow up, some of them since 2003, who are now members of our teams and are professionals or are about to become so.

A journey with many challenges

Along the way, the context challenged us more than once: growing poverty, falling educational quality, declining cultural level, the pandemic, taxpayers affected by the economic crisis.

We knew how to change more than once to be faithful to our mission and serve better. We worked with a focus on food security in major crises, on health education during the pandemic. We reoriented our programs to new needs and opportunities. We built our headquarters. We moved to the virtual and remote setting. And we returned to face-to-face with enthusiasm, always with a focus on education and capacity building to generate a positive and measurable impact.

We did not do it alone

With the initial support of Fundación Libertad and the commitment of our first president, Félix de Barrio, there are many companies, strategic partners and friends who with their resources help and accompany us to better serve and move forward. It is impossible to mention so many but our strategic partners Fondation Tuyu, Agropecuaria Incar; Ford; Roche; TOM; Pegasus, Etiqueta Negra, Criba, Banco Columbia, Fundación Manos del Sur, AON, S.A. Pastoril Santiagueña and many other companies and friends who prefer to remain anonymous, made it possible.

The same as the families of the neighborhood who choose Las Tunas NGO to accompany their children.

We are proud of what we have accomplished together and hope to continue offering more programs and opportunities in the future.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey! There is much more to do.


Las Tunas NGO - Report 2022 -

We invite you to learn more about each program and initiative of the NGO this year:

Reporte 2022 - Ingles

Stories that inspire us

Protagonists of their lives, they related how they managed to overcome limiting thoughts to achieve their goals.

Program Expo 2022

We recreate, with children and young people as protagonists, what has been done in each NGO Program.

Do not miss the video to get to know or relive the meeting: SEE VIDEO PROGRAMS FAIR 2022

"Economy in simple terms", a new meeting with Gustavo Lazzari

A new meeting with young people and parents, together with Gustavo Lazzari we analyze the economic news and how it impacts our decisions.

Reading has a reward! And it's fun

In winter holidays we launched the contest "Reading has a reward" with the purpose of promoting reading in children and young people.

We set up a space in our library for them to choose their book and do work on it.

Among the participants, we raffle different prizes.

We congratulate everyone for your works!

1st Concert 2022 of the Children's and Youth Orchestra

Last Saturday, September 3, the Las Tunas NGO Children's and Youth Orchestra offered the first concert of the year in the Chapel Ntra. Sra. de Luján, Tigre.

For most of the young musicians it also turned out to be their first concert. Before the attentive gaze of their families, they enjoyed the experience and moved us all with their dedication, effort and sensitivity, reflected in their presentation.

We look forward to the next concert in November!

Alejo González

From the first day Alejo participates responsibly and proactively in the Tutoring and Scholarships Program. He always takes part in activities with a big smile. As you can see, he expresses himself very well and has a great interest in learning. It is a pleasure to see him grow and accompany him in his path.

“Hello, good afternoon, I'm Alejo González. I am 13 years old, I am in 2nd year of high school. I'll tell you about my experience in the program, in which I have participated since 2020. I feel accompanied, the program helped me express myself more. What I like the most are the talks I have with my tutor Camila, talking about how I am doing at school, the things I do and what happens to me. It gives me that peace of mind that I have support if I need it. It helped me to develop more and to be more responsible. The truth is that I am very happy with the program, I mentioned it to a friend and today he is participating in the program as well, and he is very happy too. "

Fabián Silva

Fabían Silva, 18, finished high school last year and is currently in 1st year of the Programming degree at UTN.

Through the Tutoring and Scholarships Program we accompany him on his educational path since his 3rd year of high school, and we continue to do so during his university studies. We are so proud to see him move forward thanks to his hard work and dedication! We asked him about his experience in the program during his high school years, and this is what he told us:


“I entered the program when I started my 3rd. year high school. The truth is that it is a unique experience, throughout the 4 years I met new people with very good vibes (...) The last year was all done online, so it could not be enjoyed in its entirety, but it was fixed through virtuality.

The help they offer you both financially and through the tutors is very important and I am very grateful to the entire team. I recommend the program as long as you are committed to studying and complying with what it entails. "