From the first day Alejo participates responsibly and proactively in the Tutoring and Scholarships Program. He always takes part in activities with a big smile. As you can see, he expresses himself very well and has a great interest in learning. It is a pleasure to see him grow and accompany him in his path.

“Hello, good afternoon, I'm Alejo González. I am 13 years old, I am in 2nd year of high school. I'll tell you about my experience in the program, in which I have participated since 2020. I feel accompanied, the program helped me express myself more. What I like the most are the talks I have with my tutor Camila, talking about how I am doing at school, the things I do and what happens to me. It gives me that peace of mind that I have support if I need it. It helped me to develop more and to be more responsible. The truth is that I am very happy with the program, I mentioned it to a friend and today he is participating in the program as well, and he is very happy too. "