Fabían Silva, 18, finished high school last year and is currently in 1st year of the Programming degree at UTN. Through the Tutoring and Scholarships Program we accompany him on his educational path since his 3rd year of high school, and we continue to do so during his university studies. We are so proud to see him move forward thanks to his hard work and dedication! We asked him about his experience in the program during his high school years, and this is what he told us:  
“I entered the program when I started my 3rd. year high school. The truth is that it is a unique experience, throughout the 4 years I met new people with very good vibes (...) The last year was all done online, so it could not be enjoyed in its entirety, but it was fixed through virtuality. The help they offer you both financially and through the tutors is very important and I am very grateful to the entire team. I recommend the program as long as you are committed to studying and complying with what it entails. "