Health Education

We offer information and workshops so that families, especially those who are experiencing a situation of greater vulnerability, retain the ability to be active protagonists in the care of their health and nutrition.


Healthy nutrition:

We offer contents about the nutritional value of each food group and its correct use to improve eating habits.

Food hygiene and handling:

We provide information about the quality of food, its hygiene and preservation to prevent diseases associated with incorrect habits in food handling.

Preparation of low-cost and nutritious menus:

In a context of fewer resources and high food prices, we will provide 90 inexpensive recipes that meet the nutritional recommendations for a family.

Disease prevention:

Focused on preventing the spread of COVID 19, we provide complex information in a simple and easily understood way.

Accident prevention and first aid:

During isolation, we offer resources to avoid domestic accidents: how to prevent them and how to proceed correctly in the event that they occur.

Safe water:

Necessary measures for its consumption, purification and storage.

Family ties:

We work on the importance of generating healthy bonds in families for the psychosocial development of each of its members.