Today we share the inspiring words of María, the first adult scholarship recipient of the Tutoring and Scholarships Program for Higher Studies. It fills us with joy to be able to accompany her and see how her progress and learning grow day by day, thanks to her effort and dedication. Onward, Maria!  
“Hello, I am María, 36 years old, I want to tell you that I am from Las Tunas neighborhood, a worker, mother of 4 children, who this year became an administration student. I am doing a TECHNICATURE IN ADMINISTRATION, never thought of by me. By doing an economics course at Las Tunas NGO, I discovered my interest and my understanding capacities in economic and management issues. They actually helped me discover them, providing and generating this workshop space in the midst of a pandemic that did not provide great future forecasts. My husband and I work in our house, but we have to cover many needs, that is why my studies would be impossible to carry out without the financial help of the Tutoring and Scholarships program. As a mother I never dreamed of a career for myself, I always envisioned that of my children. But today, thanks to the program, I am the first university student in my family's history, just in my oldest son's last year of high school. This decision strengthened in my children the desire to continue studying, and especially it challenged me to think about how I can contribute to the growth of my neighborhood. There is much to dream of and to do ... The accompaniment through personal tutoring has been crucial at all times. Since I made the decision I counted on my tutor to be able to organize myself and find my study method. I’ll never forget the moment when she told me: "whether you're 18 or 50, you're a student just like everyone else." That put me in a place of responsibility, it placed me in the role of the protagonist, it dignified me: I AM A STUDENT. In each tutoring session I see improvements. Mentoring helps me reflect, it focuses me. And the "TASKS" booklet makes me see what is important, what I want for myself, how much I can do and how much more I can develop my abilities. "