Monitoring, Accompaniment and Early Referral Program

Many children and young adults suffer psycho-emotional consequences due to mandatory isolation due to COVID and, to accompany them, we created this program that offers attentive listening and allows us to detect situations that require referral to a professional and personalized follow-up.


The pandemic has had an impact on various issues, such as school regularity, leisure or socialization activities, and the way in which they relate to family members, adults, and friends.

Faced with these situations, it was expected that some emotional responses would emerge in children and young people, such as fear, anxiety, anguish, irritability, anger, lack of concentration and sleep problems.


In order to respond to this reality, a work team was formed in charge of three tutors and the accompaniment of three psychologists and a psychiatrist for referrals.

The form, modality and content are adapted to the needs of each child.

These meetings aim to:

  • Give tools to go through the quarantine, designing routines that attend to the context of each family.
  • Help organize homework.
  • Develop competencies for self-knowledge, task accomplishment, relationship with others and finding a purpose.
  • Provide tools to care for their health, nutrition and sleep.
  • Early detection of situations that require additional support.
  • Identify food problems and give an immediate response, for which we created an extraordinary food support scholarship.


The families that participate in our programs, and the adolescents themselves, are grateful that Las Tunas ONG is always attentive to their needs and that we seek together the best ways to face the challenges that life presents us. That is what being “responsible” is all about for us… learning to skillfully respond to Life itself as it presents itself.