Monitoring, Accompaniment and Early Detection Program

Due to the COVID19 pandemic children and young adults who attend our programs go through quarantine under extremely demanding conditions.


Most share common spaces with several family members. In many cases they also share communication devices, and they don’t always have good connectivity. In addition, they are immersed in the stress of the current context that occurs within each family.


Faced with this new reality, at Las Tunas NGO, we have deepened our tutoring model, and have created a Monitoring, Accompaniment and Early Detection Program, which allows us to closely follow each child and young adult.


It consists of weekly virtual meetings, done by 4 tutors and the accompaniment of two psychologists.


The modality and content are adapted to the needs, connectivity and devices of each participant.


These meetings aim to:

  • Give tools to go through the quarantine, designing routines that attend to the context of each family.
  • Help organize homework.
  • Develop competencies for self-knowledge, task accomplishment, relationship with others and finding a purpose.
  • Provide tools to care for their health, nutrition and sleep.
  • Early detection of situations that require additional support.
  • Educate on measures so they can protect themselves from COVID 19, and strategies so that each child and young adult become a spokesperson for good health practices in their families.
  • Identify food problems and give an immediate response, for which we created an extraordinary food support scholarship.