At Las Tunas NGO we expand freedoms, develop capabilities and build citizenship

We do it through non-formal high quality educational programs.

Our values

  • We trust the abilities that inhabit each person.
  • We believe that what is missing are possibilities to develop them.
  • We know that people who live in poverty for a long time are conditioned by this situation, but not determined by it.
  • We promote originality. Each person has something of their own that, when put in contact with the possibility of development and more opportunities, unfolds and allows them to be the subject of their own life.
  • We are committed to the development of freedom, as a value, and individual responsibility. We trust the entrepreneurial capacity, the desire of each person to progress and to develop their free initiative.
  • We believe that tolerance and respect and the will to coexist with others are central to life in society.
  • We recognize and rejoice in the beauty of differences. We are all “equal before the law” and equal in dignity. But this equality is discovered by recognizing the differences between us, an experience that fills human coexistence with light.
  • We support voluntary solidarity. We are not isolated beings, we are bound to each other. We have a common destiny.
  • We think that a society with a place for everyone is possible and we promote it with our work.

Who we are

Board of Directors:

Honorary President: Félix de Barrio (co-fundador)
President: Azucena Gorbarán
Vicepresident: Jorge de Tezanos Pinto
Secretary: Eduardo Amadeo
Members: Bernardo BeneditDiego Chevallier BoutellJorge Ludovico GrilloSandra Szikla

Management and Administrative team:

General Director and co-founder: Claudia Paladino
Content Director and co-founder:  Patricio Grehan
Director of Operations: Sofía Masoni
Administration: Cecilia Vitulli
Communications: Cecilia Basualdo
Contents and Tutorials: Silvia WagenerCamila HuguetEzequiel Piotti

Visual Arts Workshop: Marisa Rogel

Supply Store: María Celia Camacho
Reception: Lucas WagenerWalter Gómez
Wellbeing and Maintenance: Luis TosiRosa Faciano, Anahí Orellano

Las Tunas NGO Youth Orchestra

Musical Director: Adrián Crocce

Bassoon: Carolina Davis
Violiin, Viola: Milagro Soria
Violin: Ayelén Escobar
Viola: Florencia Romero
Violoncello: Fabiana Betelú
Double bass: Horacio Hurtado
Trumpet and trombone: Emiliano Machin
Oboe: Hebe Martínez Lamas
Clarinet: Rafael Romero
Flute: Jorge de la Vega, Kevin Cosundino
French horn: Víctor Madris
Percussion: Mo. Adrián Crocce
Musical Language: Carolina Davis


Mucka Brunswig, Víctor Morales, Eduardo Saad, Jorge Tezanos Pinto(h), Luis Tezanos Pinto, Giselle Elgarresta Ríos, Pablo Sabor,  Laura Lauretti, Inés Grehan, Pablo Paisanidis,  Christoph y Mariella Von Boch, Florencia Badino, Gonzalo Arana, Joaquín Grehan, María Ayuso, Alicia Basaldúa, Melissa Ruiz, Tomás D’Amico, Mariano Villamil, Sofía Botini, Paloma González, María Fortuny, Magalí Rosenzvit, Diego Anzorreguy, Joaquin Franke, Maritchu Seitún, Gustavo Lazzari, Alejandro Lastra, Luciana Barrera, Luis Aragón, Florencia Godward.

Las Tunas NGO Representatives:

in Miami: Florencia Badino (see Resume)

in Munich: Christoph and Mariella von Boch

We work with

Fundación Manos del Sur (USA)Observatorio SocialProkeyEstudio Saad Carlino y Asociados Red Creativa Fundación Integrar


  • The National Central University recognized Las Tunas NGO for its management in institutional development in 2007.
  • It won the Social Entrepreneur Award, in the education category, awarded by the Social Ecumenical Forum in 2008.
  • In 2010 it won the Nesst prize for economic initiative
  • It was declared of municipal interest by the Municipality of Tigre in 2011.
  • The Secretary of Culture of the Nation declared its endorsement for Las Tunas NGO’s activities in 2017.



We have our own house, inaugurated in April 2009.
It is a space open to all, where children, young adults and families from Las Tunas and close neighborhoods can meet each other, their abilities and others. A space for different people with common interests.

It houses the library, a multipurpose room, offices, the general store and the garden.

Open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Come meet us!

The Supply Store

It manages the orchestra’s archive, instruments, and art materials. Through donations, it offers the children of different programs the possibility to buy study materials for a small, symbolic contribution.

Our premises still need a lot of work done...You can help us with materials, resources or work. Contact us to collaborate with us.

Accountability and Legal Documents


2020 Annual Report + Accountability


CUITIGJEntity for the Public GoodTax Exemption Certificate

Our accountancy balance and tax information are available upon request.
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